Development of green petroleum products (synthetic fuels)

Development of green petroleum products (synthetic fuels)

Technology to produce synthetic fuel from CO2 and hydrogen

On June 1, 2012, IH Technology began developing synthetic fuel manufacturing technology with the cooperation of Ehime University. Since CO2 emissions can be offset in the manufacturing process, it is possible to contribute to the carbon neutralization of the entire product lifecycle, thereby overcoming global environmental problems and contributing to the world.

What are green petroleum products (synthetic fuels)?

It is attracting attention as a synthetic fuel made from CO2 and hydrogen as an alternative to petroleum products derived from crude oil (LPG, gasoline, jet fuel, light oil, etc.). Synthetic fuel is composed of components that are very similar to existing petroleum products, so it has the great advantage of being able to use existing refinery equipment, fuel distribution infrastructure, automobiles and aircraft as they are.

Method for producing green hydrogen

Hydrogen is produced by electrolyzing water using renewable energy such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power. In addition, although there are issues, hydrogen will be produced by electrolyzing water at the restarted nuclear power plant. Hydrogen is produced by decomposing fossil fuels through steam reforming, and the generated CO2 is separated, recovered, and stored.

CO2 capture method

There are several separation technologies such as chemical absorption, physical adsorption, and membrane separation as methods for separating and recovering CO2 from industrial exhaust gases and the atmosphere. At present, the method of absorbing and adsorbing CO2 in an absorbent or adsorbent, and then separating and recovering CO2 from the absorbent or adsorbent by operations such as heating or pressure reduction, is attracting attention.

The technology of IH technology

This technology is a device that combines the special reforming of CO2 and hydrogen with the FT reaction (Fischer-Tropsch).The small-scale technology for producing synthetic fuel is almost established, and we are currently working on the completion of a large-scale.

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